Neil’s General Contracting Ltd. began in 1993 with a water-truck and a vision. In the 20 years that followed, that truck was joined by a fleet, a full-service camp, and a full range of oilfield rental equipment. But the attitude hasn’t changed. We still believe in the same core values that we always have:


We make your needs our needs. This means doing everything possible to accommodate all clients, new or old. Some companies view the challenges of oilfield logistics as inconvenient – we just view them as opportunities to prove our value.

Personal Service

A company’s competitive strategy is incredibly important. But the attitude of their employees is what ultimately makes or breaks them. We believe in hiring people that like our clients as much as we do, and who will treat them with the same level of personal, authentic friendliness.


A job worth doing is worth doing right. Most companies echo that in their marketing somewhere. But not all reflect it in their actual approach. We believe that we have. Just ask any of our past and current clients.